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Witnesses (2019) - SevenTorrents
Genre: Crime, Horror, Thriller
Starring: Jesse Howland, Conner Floyd, Rachel Clark-Spear, Sam Skolnik, Mario Lazaridis, Manuel Soro, Circus-Szalewski, Laura Liefer, Jessica M. Lopez, Alison Kafka, Christopher Burgart, Yunus Pashaliyev, Josue

Best friends, Steve and Luke, set out to create a short film for their Film Studies class final project. Over their objections, Luke persuades Steve and their films cast members, Natalie and Quint, to deviate from the planned shooting schedule and film their final scene in an abandoned warehouse. Inside they discover a cache of guns and drugs, and find a man savagely beaten and being held hostage by a merciless drug cartel. Before they can make their escape and get help, cartel enforcers return and heinously murder their hostage. Realizing they are not alone, the cartel sicarios hunt down to execute the film students that have witnessed their crime. Relentlessly determined to kill them, the college classmates must evade capture and survive against these hitmen, or become their next victims. Driven down into the massive subterranean labyrinth of the warehouse, the students come across a group of captive women held as human trafficked sex slaves, the cartels secret drug processing

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