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Street Fighter: Assassins Fist(2014)

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Street Fighter: Assassins Fist (2014) - SevenTorrents
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Imdb Rating: 7.4/10
Rip Source: Bluray
Starring: Togo Igawa, Christian Howard, Mike Moh, Shogen, Gaku Space, Akira Koieyama, Joey Ansah, Hyunri, Hal Yamanouchi, Mark Killeen, Matisse Ferreira, Wu Kong Hai Anh, Zang Chung Dank, Victor Hua Fam, Thu An

A multi-layered series that looks back to the formative years of Ryu and Ken as they live a traditional warriors life in secluded Japan. The boys are, unknowingly, the last practitioners of the ancient fighting style known as “Ansatsuken” (Assassins Fist). The series follows them as they learn about the mysterious past of their master, Goken, and the tragic, dark legacy of the Ansatsuken style. Can their destiny be changed, or will history repeat itself?

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