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See No Evil(2014)

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See No Evil (2014) - SevenTorrents
Genre: Documentary, Crime
Imdb Rating: 8.1/10
Rip Source: WebRip
Starring: Ross Huguet, Raven Cinello, Bryan Edwards, James J. Wilson, Drew Riedstra, Matthew Sauvé, Martin Huss, Matthew MacCallum, Timm Angell, Lora Burke, Lawrene Denkers, Craig Cyr, Chris Langenzarde, Shaean

Every second of every day, millions of Americans are caught on CCTV. Most of them are honest citizens going about their everyday lives. But a few are guilty of unspeakable crimes. See no Evil is a ground breaking new series about how real crimes are solved with the help of surveillance cameras. Police reveal how CCTV footage has unlocked the answer to cases that otherwise might have remained unsolved- leaving dangerous killers at large. The series features real footage and dramatic reconstruction, combined with first-hand testimony from police, witnesses, and families.

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