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Long Gone By(2019)

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Long Gone By (2019) - SevenTorrents
Genre: Drama
Imdb Rating: 8/10
Rip Source: WebRip
Starring: Tim Bensch, Ethan Dawson, Tony Demil, Sherryl Despres, Ramona DuBarry, Ben Friedberg, Izzy Hauula, Melissa Jordan, Ron McCoy, Erica Muñoz, Tracy Nichols, Wynn Reichert, Nils Riess

Ana Alvarez is a single mother from Nicaragua living in Warsaw, Indiana with her teenage daughter, Izzy. When a routine check in leads to a deportation order, life as Ana knows it ends. The timing could not be worse as Izzy has just been accepted to Indiana University, a dream that becomes a nightmare when she discovers that because of her immigration status she will not qualify for the needed scholarships or federal aid. Faced with an impossible reality of a lifetime away from her daughter, Ana decides to risk everything in a last chance effort to leave Izzys tuition paid before her time runs out. An intimately unnerving portrait of a woman willing to sacrifice everything to give her daughter the chance at a life she never had.

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