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Kathryn Upside Down(2019)

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Kathryn Upside Down (2019) - SevenTorrents
Genre: Comedy
Imdb Rating: 7.8/10
Rip Source: WebRip
Starring: Allie Loukas, Christopher M. Walsh, Carlton G. McBeth, David Bastian, Kim DeJesus, Angela Beckefeld, Darren Marlar, Matt Edmonds, Brittany Bookbinder, Tommy Lucas, Scarlett Hicks, Colin Ryan, J.J. Wil

Kathryn Upside Down follows the life of Kathryn, a mid-20s fashionista from the northshore of Chicago. One day at an upscale party, a toilet gets plugged; Kathryns mother prompts her to call a plumber; upon his arrival, Kathryn quickly discovers the plumber is her biological father shes never met. As her world is turned upside down, Kathryn embarks on a journey of self-discovery with her new found father. Its Clueless meets Sixteen Candles in this sugar coated comedy.

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