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Drone (2017) - SevenTorrents
Genre: Thriller
Imdb Rating: 5.3/10
Rip Source: Bluray
Starring: Sean Bean, Patrick Sabongui, Mary McCormack, Maxwell Haynes, Joel David Moore, Viv Leacock, Sharon Taylor, Bradley Stryker, Kirby Morrow, Kevin OGrady, Tommy Europe, Kamal Malik, Nilofar Gesawat, Moh

Neil (Sean Bean) is a private drone contractor who spends his workdays flying covert missions then returns to a family life of suburban mediocrity – without his wife or son knowing about his secret life and Neil wife is cheating with one of co -worker – until a whistle-blowing site exposes him to a deadly threat. Believing he is responsible for the deaths of his wife and child, an enigmatic Pakistani businessman (Patrick Sabongui) tracks him down, leading to a harrowing confrontation.

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