Boudica: Rise of the Warrior Queen (2019) [WEBRip] [720p] [YTS.LT]

Boudica: Rise of the Warrior Queen (2019) [WEBRip] [720p] [YTS.LT]

Boudica: Rise of the Warrior Queen (2019)
IMDB Rating: 2.9/10
Genre: History
Size: 737.48 MB
Runtime: 12hr 0 min

Boudica is an innocent sixteen-year-old girl who is forced into an arranged marriage by her father, the leader of a Celtic Tribe. However, her mother is unsure, doing whatever it takes to protect her daughter; so much so that she takes Boudica and persuades her to flee the village and live in her childhood home, away from an arranged marriage and a miserable life. Confusion and uncertainty fills Boudica’s world as she faces so many challenges – the constant protection from her mother, falling in love, the ambiguity of her father’s whereabouts and finding her inner strength and power. It is only a matter of time before the past catches up with everyone and Boudica must transform from a girl into the warrior queen of legend in order to protect the lives of those she loves.
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